MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE  (MLD) THERAPY                           


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Sossi Yerissian (MA)                                                                        

Registered Nutritional Therapist  MBANT CNHC  

Dip. ION, MBANT, CNHC                                              

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

Dr. Vodder Technique and Casley Smith Method                         email address: 

Telephone  07815 633 628                                               


Cavendish Health Centre    -      Monday 12 pm - 7 pm, Wednesday 3 pm - 8 pm, Friday 11 am - 4 pm

53 New Cavendish Street

London W1G 9TQ                                                


The London Clinic               -     10 am - 6 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday (optional)

20 Devonshire Place                 See the nurse of the ward for appointment request or call 07815 633 628

London W1G 6BW



Oscillation Therapy                  Pneumatic Boots                3M Coban 2 bandaging

     Hivamat 200                               



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