MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE  (MLD) THERAPY                           


About Myself
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MA in Physical Education, Yerevan - Armenia  

Full qualification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Dr Vodder Technique - Walchsee Austria -1996

                                                                                  - Casley Smith method - London UK - 2000 

Registered Nutritional Therapist,  London UK - 2000

Recognised by Private Health Insurance companies for lymphatic drainage since 2002.


My Approach 

I have been working as a Therapist since 1996. My experience has taught me that each case is different; therefore a personal approach is very important. To benefit most from therapies, it will be advisable to consider a wide range of medical and complimentary methods.


In nutritional therapy the most difficult phase is the beginning; people are intimidated by the change of diet, which will restrict them from foods they enjoy, but once the first phase is over they realise that it is not as difficult as they had imagined. The food they eat becomes more satisfying, wholesome and hence more fulfilling.

Once the body is adjusted with the right diet and follow-up programmes, the individual becomes more aware of which foods are complimentary for their health; a synergy is achieved.