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Lymphoedema specialists have recognised that the short stretch bandages with low extensibility produce high working pressures and lower resting pressures, these create peak pressures that produce a massaging effect to stimulate lymph flow.

Bandaging helps to:

bulletReduce fluid filtration in the tissue
bulletShift fluid into non-compressed parts of the body
bulletIncrease stimulation of lymphatic transport
bulletImprove the venous pump in patients with veno-lymphatic dysfunction
bulletBreak down the fibro sclerotic tissues.

Up until now, traditional lymphoedema bandaging has incorporated short stretch bandages with multilayer padding materials to normalise the limb shape and size.  Though effective in reducing oedema, these bandages create a number of distressing problems for the patient such as:

bulletRestricting mobility
bulletTime consuming and tiring
bulletVery bulky - effects patient's self-confidence and self-esteem
bulletReducing flexibility and function required for everyday activities

New Coban 2 material

Coban 2 compression system provides comfortable, sustained compression that improves lymphatic flow hence reducing lymphoedema. When applied to the limb, the bandage creates an inelastic sleeve with ideal stiffness to support all the muscular movements.  The intermittent muscle contraction and relaxation increases lymph flow, which reduces oedema.

Coban 2  compression is composed of two special designed layers:

bulletLayer 1 - Coban 2 Comfort Foam Layer - a laminate of breathable polyurethane foam with cohesive, non-woven backing;
bulletLayer 2 - Coban 2 Compression Layer - a cohesive short stretch bandage with spandex filament modified to be short stretch, which provides light, non bulky and high compression.

Coban 2 Compression Method

bulletComfortable without additional padding - It gives required 'stiffness' with only two thin layers
bulletSignificantly improves patient's health related quality of life
bulletThe key advantage is the lightness, neatness and flexibility
bulletIt gives renewed sense of self - resulting from the reduced swelling, lighter  and less intrusive flexible bandage
bulletIt has been proven to stay in place with less slippage

The randomised controlled study has shown that Coban 2 compression system applied twice weekly is an effective treatment to reduce lymphoedema.