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Face and eyelifts, breast augmentation, body sculpting, neck, abdomen, thigh liposuction, VASER surgery and recently launched non-surgical Liposonix body sculpting are becoming more and more sought procedures.

Swelling, bruising and pain are very common signs after the operation. Sometimes the healing period takes so long that the patients become home bound.

 Making some changes in your diet pre-plastic surgery, taking appropriate supplements and having lymphatic drainage treatments speeds up the reduction of bruising and swelling and enhance tissue healing.

Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD) opens the lymphatic channels and encourages the fluid flow through its pathways; this aids elimination of excess fluid from the swollen tissues hence relieving the pain and speeding up the healing.

MLD is very gentle and repetitive form of massage. Anybody who is in severe pain can tolerate the light touch of the technique. It gives the immediate result of pain relief and better mobility


The Post-Plastic Surgery Therapy

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. The treatment can start 48 hours after the surgery. It is advisable to have an intensive course of 6 10 treatments. This means 2 3 treatments the first week. This will be discussed on your first visit according to the severance of the swelling and bruising.

The treatment includes the following:

Lymphatic drainage

Deep oscillation therapy (click on Hivamat on Home page)

Pneumatic therapy (click The Pneumatic Boots on Home page)

Deep tissue massage (wherever it is applicable)

Kinesiotaping (see heading Lymphoedema & MLD)

Made-to-measure medical support garments


Diet before and after surgery

The bruised and swollen tissues heal more quickly when the body is alkaline. Foods that are high in histamine are pro-inflammatory and may slow down the healing process of the body. Therefore, one week before the surgery try the following dietary tips.



Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes if you are a smoker

Bread, pasta (esp. white pasta), pizza, cakes, pastry & biscuits

Strawberries, oranges & melon

Dairy products but not yoghurt

Seafood - Fish allowed



In moderation

Grains oats (porridge), rye & corn

Pasta (only wholemeal)

Potato and parsnips

Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, walnuts  



Lean red meat, white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, game and fish)

Vegetables and fruits apples, berries (not strawberries), apricots, peaches, nectarines, red grapes, cherries, pomegranate, lemons & grape fruit

Almonds, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds

Plain yoghurt, honey specially Manuka 10+

Herbal teas and water


Supplements & Homeopathy

It is very wise to take certain supplements that reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation.  

Vitamin A, C, Grape seed extract to breakdown hard and swollen tissue 

Homeopathic preparation with Arnica to reduce bruising

Aloe Vera gel to cool down the inflamed tissue

Arnica gel to reduce bruising

Bromelaine to reduce swelling

Dermatix to heal the stitches



During healing process avoid doing any kind of gym workout or strenuous exercise. Until full recovery the best exercises are walking & swimming (to be discussed on your first visit).